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The receipt of a confirmation email from us guarantees your reservation, except if it turns out that your personal data is incorrect, that your financial guarantee is not accepted (credit card or other)_ or if it is a concealed group booking.



Group reservations are prohibited due to the size of the establishment and its exclusive character.

No group reservation of more than 3 rooms is authorized. If a reservation of more than three rooms is hidden by an accumulation of individual reservations but belonging to the same group or gathering of people, we reserve the right to cancel as many rooms as we want on all the reservations of this group.



Any room or package reservation can be modified or canceled free of charge up to 72 hours before the day of arrival (for example until Tuesday evening for an arrival on a Saturday). Beyond this period, the hotel will invoice the amount corresponding to your entire stay (additional services included). In the case of a gift ticket or a box, the rules are identical and you will lose your entire gift ticket or box or the hotel will charge the equivalent of your stay. A cancellation or modification number will be communicated to you and will serve as a guarantee that your cancellation has been registered on time (without this cancellation number, which our team will give you, your cancellation is not deemed to have been registered). We invite you to provide us with an email address and to ensure that you have received confirmation of the cancellation or modification.

You can, if you wish, take out cancellation insurance with our insurance partner (see below).



Any reservation for spa treatments or services can be modified or canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the day and time scheduled (for example until Friday 10:30 a.m.  for a treatment scheduled on Saturday at 10:30 a.m.). Beyond this period, the hotel is entitled to invoice the amount corresponding to the entire treatment. A cancellation or modification number will be sent to you and will serve as your guarantee. We invite you to provide us with an email address and to ensure that you have received confirmation of the cancellation or modification.

In the context of group reservations (more than 3 rooms) and seminars, any reservation canceled less than 14 days before the date of arrival is due in full.


To register a reservation of rooms or packages definitively, the hotel reserves the right to collect a deposit of 100% of the amount of the stay, or less depending on the period. These sums will be refunded in the event of cancellation up to 72 hours before the day of arrival.


You can arrive from 4 p.m. to take possession of your room. Sometimes it may even be ready earlier and sometimes slightly later. It depends on the number of departures on D-Day and departure times.

In any case, we can keep your luggage for you and you can enjoy our facilities. Our spa has toilets and changing rooms.

The departure time is normally scheduled before 11 a.m. but we will be at your disposal if you have a different expectation. We will always try to do our best for your well-being.

Again and in any case, you can stay on site to take advantage of our facilities well beyond this time. We can keep your luggage and you can enjoy our facilities. Our spa has toilets and changing rooms.


In tax matters we must be able to justify all sales of alcohol on our establishment and to be able to prove that the bottles present are not the subject of purchase-sales escaping VAT. As a result, any consumption of alcohol in the establishment (outside the private setting of your room) is subject to a corkage fee which identifies the number of bottles you are bringing. This must be negotiated and planned with our team.



To register a group meal reservation, a deposit of 30 to 50% will be requested when the reservation is made. In case of cancellation less than 5 days before the date of the meal, the establishment will be entitled to keep the entire deposit.



Gift tickets allow you to book like all other customers and allow you to book the services indicated subject to availability of course. The booking and cancellation conditions are identical. If you cancel your reservation less than 72 hours before, your gift ticket will be lost. The validity period of gift tickets is one year from their date of creation. Once purchased, gift tickets are non-refundable.



It is important to note that booking a table at the restaurant or a treatment at the spa does not in any way give access to the swimming pool or the wellness facilities  which are reserved for the hotel clientele

The legislation on swimming pools and spas would then consider us as a public swimming pool with paid or free access and would impose permanent supervision by authorized and qualified personnel (which is not within the financial possibilities of a small establishment like ours ).

No access to leisure and wellness facilities is permitted for consumption in the restaurant or bar. No exception can be imagined for legal and security issues.

You can consult the page:



The use of our outdoor facilities as well as our private facilities in the rooms (sauna, jacuzzi) is under your exclusive responsibility, no specific supervision being provided.

Before any use of our facilities, you acknowledge that you are in perfect health and that you know of no medical contraindication prohibiting you from using this equipment.

The practice of the activities of a SPA is not without consequences for the health according to the individuals. We invite users to be cautious and to find out about this practice from their doctor, especially in certain situations (pregnancy, allergies, injuries, circulatory problems, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity, etc.).



Understanding that sometimes there can be unforeseen events (illness, Covid...), but not being able to waive our cancellation or reservation modification conditions, we recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.

For this, we strongly recommend that you protect yourself, any stay canceled less than 72 hours before the stay being charged in full. For more information, go to   & opt for safebooking!

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